GeotaggerVersion 3.0.4

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Upgrading from Geotagger 2.x

Geotagger 3 is a complete re-write. Geotagger 3 is a proper fieldtype and does not include extension code or module code any longer. Follow these instructions if you have previously installed Geotagger 2.x.

  1. Uninstall your Geotagger 2.x extension, module and fieldtype. You won't lose any field data since Geotagger doesn't actually store any data currently.
  2. Follow installation instructions below.
  3. Follow instructions for adding a Geotagger Field below.


  1. Copy EE2/system/expressionengine/third_party/geotagger to your third_party folder (e.g. /_your_ee_system_dir_/expressionengine/third_party/).
  2. Copy EE2/themes/third_party/geotagger to your themes third_party folder (e.g. /themes/third_party/).
  3. Login to the ExpressionEngine Control Panel, go to Add-Ons → Fieldtypes.
  4. Find Geotagger in the list of fieldtypes and click “Install”.

Adding a Geotagger Field

  1. Login to the ExpressionEngine Control Panel, go to Admin → Channel Administration → Custom Fields.
  2. Find the field group you want to add a Geotagger field to and click Add/Edit Custom Fields.
  3. Click the Create a New Custom Field button.
  4. Select Geotagger in the Field Type dropdown.
  5. Enter the field label.
  6. Enter the field name.
  7. Under Custom Field Options, select a Geotagger mode (Manual or Auto-tag).
  8. Select a default zoom level for the map that will display after a location has been geotagged.
  9. Specify field mappings for the location fields you will be using. You should map at least one of the following:
    • Address field
    • City field
    • State field
    • Zip code field
  10. Specify field mappings for latitude and longitude fields.
  11. Optionally specify a field mapping to capture the zoom level.
  12. Click Submit.

SafeCracker Usage & Requirements

Geotagger now fully supports usage in SafeCracker forms and we have included an example form to help get you started. Be sure to review the requirements and instructions below when setting up your SafeCracker / Geotagger form.

  1. Your SafeCracker form must have a class="geotagger" attribute.
  2. DO NOT give the submit button a name="submit" attribute. Doing so will break Auto-tag mode.
  3. For Geotagger related inputs (fields you have mapped in the field configuration), make sure you set the id attribute to your custom field name (e.g. id="venues_address", id="venues_latitude", etc).
  4. Override Geotagger's CSS by applying your own style sheet.
  5. You can only use one SafeCracker / Geotagger form per page.

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